One of the best decisions...
One of the best decisions we have made was to enroll our boys at Sciotoville Elementary Academy. We were unhappy with the quality of education they were receiving and decided to research other options. Upon the advice of a friend, we started looking into SEA. We quickly discovered that the "little school made of trailers" had very high quality teachers, curriculum and equipment.

What other school offers Spanish and keyboarding classes, provides laptops to each student and involves the parent in their children's education? When people comment that they cannot believe we took our boys out of that "nice, new building" to put them in "trailers", we just laugh and tell them they need to take a look at what is in those "modular buildings".

Perhaps, the biggest surprise was learning that we weren't just enrolling our boys in a new school, but that we were joining an extended family. Not only do the boys' teachers take an interest in them, but so does every member of the faculty. Everyone seems so willing to offer extra help when needed and they often go way beyond what one would expect from them.

Les Hall & Susan Pettit

S.E.A. was the right choice...
Sending my kids to SEA was the right choice. After having a devastating Kindergarten year at a Traditional school I thought my only option was home schooling my child.  He and I struggled to find the fine line between mother and teacher.  Advantage to homeschooling for a year and a half was that I got insight into his learning needs and capabilities.  When I heard that Sciotoville was extending the community school to grades K-6 I was so excited.  After talking to Mrs. Shope I was sure that this was the answer we had been looking for.  We told Mrs. Shope upfront all the struggles we had dealt with in the past and asked if she felt this school was capable of dealing with such issues. She assured us that they were.  Upon meeting the then 2nd grade teacher Mr. Miller he took the time to sit down and discuss our child even before we had committed to enrolling him.  I felt so much relief and felt as if we were already part of the SEA family.  I am not saying that we didn't have struggles at SEA but I can say that with the help of the entire SEA family we didn't face them alone.  So when it came time to enroll my youngest child in kindergarten if was not even a question of where.

Michelle Martin Bentley

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